Beauty, Hair and Health in Groningen

The benefits that come with spa treatments are far too many, from the visible effects on the body- revitalizing the skin, muscles and overall health, to benefits relating to the mental aspect of humans.

Groningen is an active province and a perfect place to relax in one of the various wellness centers. The city has many great facilities to offer to its community and travelers and you should definitely leave some time aside for this!


BeautyPoint in Groningen

BeautyPoint promotes a healthy lifestyle and aim to help you shine! Their wide range of treatments make it easy for you to take care of your entire body.
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Eko Wellness

Eko Wellness in Groningen

The main aim at Eko Wellness is to take care of your skin, body and overall well-being by using only organic products that are not tested on animals and are mainly vegan.
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Maress hair & skin

Maress hair and skin in Groningen

In a fantastic location in the center of Groningen Maress hair & skin care is located in a stately building, where the company have the space to offer a full package of services.
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